Design small bathroom ideas from Oliver Fenner

Install a Pocket Door

Consider a pocket door when space is a premium. Because the floor plan does not have to adapt a swinging door, every inch of wall and floor space can be put to good use. A personal toilet area fits nicely in this bathroom, thanks to a space-saving pocket door.

Maximize Natural Light

Maximize the perceived size of a tiny bath by visually sharing space from the outdoors with the inside. Here, access is provided by a big window to amazing, private views. Two big mirrors hung help the small bath and reflect the view that is outside feel open and airy.

No Wasted Space

Thoughtful planning will help make the most of a little bathroom. Study the floor plan carefully and plan storage alternatives according to your preferences and space constraints. Custom built in cabinetry is generally the top option for maximizing cupboard space. The corner is well-utilized having a sizable upper cupboard that maximizes space with a door.

Small Bathroom Storage

See how to maximize the space you’ve got with a couple of clever tricks.

Find the Right Size

Occasionally design choices are dictated by a little footprint. And scale and proportion are essential factors when working in a little space like this one. A vintage- vessel sink and style faucet ensure the small counter space stays litter-free.

Draw the Eye Upward

Use Reflective Surfaces

Enlarging a small space is part illusion. Lights and mirrors are two key tools that, when used in combination with reflective surfaces, can produce a smallish room feel larger. This contemporary toilet uses reflective and light surfaces — glass light fixtures, stainless steel hardware, and mirrors — to develop a better awareness of space.

Use a Large Mirror

By creating the delusion of more space a room expands. Here, a sizable mirror over the dressing table reflects the wall opposite, making the bathroom look twice as big. Leaving the mirror frameless additionally helps the delusion.

Glass shower door Toronto

Store with Style

Storage put away or has two options: on display. A tiny bathroom has really little room for error as it pertains to clutter, so making purposeful choices is essential. Here, bath towels and soaps folded in dishes that were white.


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