Partition designs for home

Whether you’ve got an open floorplan or simply want to create more private, cosy spaces in your home the right room divider can make all the difference. The pictures in this post use everything from shrubbery to nautical rope to drapes to create spaces that are amazing, unique and instead go well beyond a folding screen.

Perfectly contemporary, this arty white partition suggests separation more than it actually separates.

This drape of hanging planters rounds out our green room partitions. It would be simple enough to hang this in a space that is bright and fill each planter using a different herb, making this option both delicious and amazing.

The kitchen, in this urban space itself acts as a central divider.

Using shelving to split a room now offers extra storage and display space.

Needless to say, there are also those times that intricacy wins out over simplicity, like in the finely carved wood partition.

These luxury beaded drapes would never be located in a dorm.

Translucent walls separate a modern family room using a Japanese flair and a concrete hallway.

Bathrooms with mirrors

Some room dividers are more cabaret than midcentury. The golden sparkles in this curtain that is handing are brash and playful in a glorious central eastern way.

This medal room divider appears almost pixelated, letting it combine readily together with the industrial design of this studio that is urban.


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